Aluminium Windows

Merri is proud to be associated with Carinya. The Carinya range has been developed by ALSPEC, one of Australia’s most respected and long-standing suppliers of aluminum product to the building industry. Carinya’s pedigree means the strength, finish and function associated with more expensive windows are embedded in what has instantly become a modern classic in the residential window market.

Carinya is an indigenous word meaning‘ Happy Home’.

Architects and builders will tell you: ‘The choice of windows and doors can make or break the outcome of a building project!’ For years, architects and builders have specified aluminium windows for their overall strength and lasting value. Because of their rigidity and durability, aluminium windows can be configured into many combinations. Most importantly, and unlike many other residential window products, Carinya features a full range of glazing options.

Clean, narrow sight lines with the strength and stability only aluminium can provide.

Merri Aluminium & Auto doors takes aluminium windows a step further by approaching them as specific design elements that will compliment every home. The ease of cleaning Carinya windows makes this collection the best choice for homeowners.

Windows are vital to the energy efficiency of any home. The Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA) strongly suggests you ensure the energy rating on your windows is WERS rated to be confident of its true performance. Carinya gives you that confidence as the entire Carinya Collection has been WERS rated for performance.

All window and glazing requirements are tailored and manufactured strictly to your specifications

See our range of window types below

Awning Windows

Awning windows are particularly attractive option when ventilation and unrestricted views are key considerations. Besides a modern designer look, the Carinya Classic Awning Window is packed with a multitude of performance features, many which are simply not available in competing products. An awning window is hinged from the top and at the base is designed to swing outward.


Double-hung windows open by sliding the bottom half of the window up or sliding the top half down. The Carinya Select double hung window is a premium product designed for those seeking superior functionality and style. Double hung windows provide flexible ventilation options and have been a favourite choice of Australian builders, designers and homeowners since the early days of the colony.

Frameless Double Hung

Sashless windows combine the latest in contemporary design with the best elements of proven window technology. Sleek,minimalist. Sashless windows marry with the individual needs of each project and can be used in new or existing buildings with great ease. The clean and simple design in aluminium or timber guides, gives a sense of space and light. Available in double glazed.

Sliding Windows

Aluminium sliding windows offer great value, good ventilation and are easy to clean. Sliding windows have sashes that move horizontally on a track. Usually only one of the sashes moves and the other is fixed. Sliding windows are available with two sashes and all are made to fit your opening.

Louvered Windows

A wall of louvered windows can be opened to let breeze flow,making the indoors feel like the outdoors. Besides the fact that they do not obstruct the view, their biggest advantage is they allow ventilation. Glass louvres overlap one another to form the panes of a louvered window. Louvered windows are available in glass, aluminium or timber blades.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open similar to a door and swing outward. Casements provide excellent ventilation because both halves of the window open. An advantage of casements is they are easier to clean than most other windows because both inside and outside surfaces are accessible from indoors.

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